Happy birthday, Starcraft 2!

After about a week of sporadic editing, I finally finished my latest highlight video. I still prefer calling them frag videos, but nothing really gets fragged in SC2. I have to say though, I am really satisfied with the result.

The timing of the video is a pretty cool coincidence. Dreamhack Valencia just ended and released their replays. At the same time, I was really itching to do something creatively. So I thought, why not make another highlight video? I actually only realized that SC2 will be celebrating its 6th Anniversary when the minerals turned into cakes.


The hardest part in making the vid was probably looking for cool stuff to include. I knew from the start that I would be including MarineLord’s Tank saves as well as Nerchio’s amazing engagements at least. I had to scour replay after replay for cool moments and believe me, it gets very tedious.

I think I am satisfied with the moments I chose. I included a cool scene where Showtime got caught off-guard by a Marine-Medivac push to his third and had an entire mineral line worth of Probes rescued by a timely Mothership Core Recall. It’s not really action packed, and he still ended up losing the third, but I think it was a pretty cool play.

Next up was Tarrantius who proxied his Robotics Bay. His opponent, PtitDrogo, actually almost scouted a Disruptor with a Hallucination too. I included the scouting to add a little bit tension but I think it might fly by most viewers. Still, that scene could also show how PtitDrogo didn’t know it was coming so, yay serendipity.

Next Scene I added was MarineLord’s tank saves. Then during a chill lull in the music, I added Nerchio’s scenes and made him sort of the main event of the vid. He did end up winning the entire tournament anyway so he deserves to be given the spotlight.

The next two scenes are both Baneling scenes. First is TLO doing a baneling bomb vs a Protoss. Standard stuff, but still cool. Another is Stephano killing 12 probes with a 2-bane runby. I’m a pretty big Stephano fanboy so I really had to look for a cool Steph scene to include. I actually missed this baneling runby the first time I watched the replay. I only noticed it when I was capturing B-rolls for the Intro.


I captured the scenes using Shadowplay for best performance (or at least, I think so). Unfortunately, this had the added problem of not being able to hide the cursor. I had to resort to setting the cursor on the bottom right side of the screen. I hope no one notices, lol (sorry, viewers with OCD).

Before capturing the scenes, I reviewed Wings (my first video) for stuff that I liked and stuff that I didn’t. I really liked the establishing shots and the static camera scenes; I hated the jittery camera. I don’t know what I was thinking!

For this vid, I tried to incorporate the stuff I like as well as try something new. A commenter on the Wings vid suggested using slow sensitivity panning to avoid the jittery camera. I tried it and ended up really liking it a lot. Thanks, commenter!

I couldn’t capture the scenes on full blast in terms of quality since my PC is a potato. The potato problem is also the reason why the vid is only in 720p. During capturing, the HDD I was using to store the videos started acting up. I’m talking rising bad sectors daily. Had to scramble to buy a new one to save the files.


Next up was choosing the music. I knew I wanted something similar to Rameses B from Wings, but with CC to avoid pesky copyright claims. Well… I ended up using Rameses B again. I mean, he’s a pretty rad musician, and he allows reuse on his music. Big thank you to him! I went with Lone Wanderer this time. It’s a pretty chill soundtrack that flows really well. Only part I didn’t like was the extremely long intro.


I put the video together solely using After Effects. Had to watch a few tutorials on the fly, but I think I made it work. It’s actually kind of funny how progressively more organized the compositions ended up looking. First comp was a mess of layers, last few were pretty organized if I do say so myself.

It’s a little bit difficult to sync the scenes to the music. I had to turn on waveform and abuse the sound preview button. It takes a lot of mental visualization and a ton of trial and error to effectively sync the scenes. I really hope it worked out well.

I actually did the text before even starting on the intro. When doing a video, I believe it helps a ton if you already have a theme brewing in your head as to what the video would look like. I knew from the start that it would be pretty minimal, with no colors on the text stuff except for white.

I really wanted the font to look like the one The 1975 uses in their video. After a few minutes of looking for a similar font, I ended up just googling what font they are using anyway. Turns out they are just using bold, all capped Century Gothic. Huh. That makes things easier.

Once I finished the text, I had to finally sit down and think about how I would fill up the long intro. I considered adding Dreamhack player footage but I originally intended the vid to be pure gameplay. At this point, the baneling runby scene with Stephano wasn’t included yet (meaning I haven’t even noticed it). Stephano wasn’t included in the player list yet. And since I’m a pretty big Stephano fan, I figured I’ll just fill the intro up with footage from his games. Good thing I did too I ended up seeing the cool 12 probe kill baneling runby and I figured it was good enough to include. It also made the video quite poignant since it starts with a Stephano game and ended up with a Stephano highlight from the same game.

To overlay the scenes, I just added the usual intro texts. Presenting, a film by, etc. I kinda struggled with the length still so I even included the song title and artist, lol. Since the games were played during Dreamhack, I added Dreamhack Valencia 2016 too.

Afterwards, all that’s left was the credits!

I hope you all enjoyed the video. I’m really sorry about the 720p. I couldn’t go any higher lest it becomes a Powerpoint presentation. I kept monetization off because #passion, but if you want to, you could support the site! We almost have enough for a custom domain name!

The Title

The title Oneiros came from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It is one of the many names of Morpheus, the main character. Morpheus was one of the 7 Endless and is the personification of Dreams. Dreams, Dreamhack. Geddit? Huehue. Oh, Oneiros is based on the Greek deities

Omnia Mutantur Nihil Interit

Everything Changes, Nothing is lost . Also came from the Sandman novels. I think it applies to Starcraft, don’t you think?


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