You Should Be Dropping


Are you bored of your Zerg ladder life? Tired of the A-moving and want to spice up your tactical repertoire? Look no further ’cause I got what you need!



Too often are Zergs forgetting that they have this extremely powerful tool in their arsenal. Dropping is cheap, effective, and can even outright win you the game if you’re lucky!

Drops have been changed in Legacy of the Void. Instead of a global upgrade, Ventral Sacs are now morphed from individual Overlords, similar to how Overseers are made. They are extremely cheap at 25 minerals and 25 gas per morph.

Let’s look at what exactly you need to drop:

  • An evolution chamber, which you surely will have
  • An Overlord, which if you don’t have, means you are so bad you need to get back to playing the tutorial!
  • And optionally although recommended, the Overlord Speed upgrade.

Zerg Overlord Drops are DIRT CHEAP. There is no reason not to consider them!


7Zerglings are the best. They are cheap, they don’t cost gas plus they can wreck a mineral line faster than you can say OUR SCVs ARE UNDER ATTACK.
Banelings are very effective. They are much trickier to use, especially against Zerg when you have Queens near Hatcheries all of the time. They automatically go towards any attacking unit so you might end up not killing any workers if you have any latency or if your micro is poor. Plus they cost gas.
9Lurkers If you have gas to spare and if you have the tech.  Almost guaranteed to do damage unless defended well. Even then, they can kill units coming in to defend. Usually almost always worth it.
Ultralisks  provided you bring additional Overlords in order to keep your opponent guessing which one is he in.


In order to maximize potential for your drops, you have to drop at the right place and the right time. Reasons for dropping include:

  • Distraction while you attack another base with the bulk of your army. Dragging his army away from your point of attack means more damage and less coherent defense from him.
  • Counter-attacking when his army is engaged with yours. Attention is a resource and if you can stress his attention, he’ll make more mistakes. Just be careful not to stress your attention yourself.
  • Buying time to prepare defense. If you’re lucky enough to spot a push early and you need to buy time to eek out a better defense, dropping can buy you time provided you are able to get the drop in fast enough.
  • Doom dropping in Ulrena because of the drop distance. I guarantee your opponent won’t expect it!


The mineral line of course. Unless you can target a specific tech building, dropping in the mineral line is the most effective way to do damage. Dropping at his far-flung bases is best, as there is the least possibility of resistance there. Try keeping an eye out for his army movement in order to maximize your dropping potentials.


  • Individual Overlords are morphed into carrier overlords through the Morph Ventral Sacs upgrade which costs 25 minerals and 25 gas.
  • Only morph overlords according to how many you need.
  • In order to minimize the APM needed for dropping, queue actions for your overlord to get in, drop, and get out.
  • Hitting Drop and clicking the overlord will allow you to drop while moving. This is useful for baneling rains!
  • Hit Stop to stop dropping if you need to get out of there ASAP.
  • DON’T LOSE THE OVERLORD. The goal is to do damage not take it.
  • The Overlord is slow and will die quickly so take that into account. If there are any defending units, abort and try another angle.



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