The Beginner’s Guide to Starcraft 2 Part VII: Aggression, All-ins, and Cheese


Cheese in Starcraft 2 doesn’t refer to the dairy product. It refers to¬†cheesy builds designed to be easy to execute yet hard to defend against. They are builds that are used to net easy wins. Cheese builds are gambles and if they get defended, you are generally in serious trouble. An example of cheese is the infamous Protoss Cannon Rush.

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Revisiting Company of Heroes 2


When I don’t feel like playing some Starcraft 2, my go to game recently has been Company of Heroes 2. It’s a much slower RTS than Starcraft so it doesn’t have the same “on the edge” feeling when playing it. It also helps that I am a huge fan of World War II history and seeing a Sherman and a Panzer IV duke it out in a game gets me giddy.

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