News from the Front: Starcraft 2 and Company of Heroes 2


It’s been a pretty exciting week for my two favorite RTS games. Lots of updates and new stuff was announced.

Relic has recently showcased the British Forces live on Twitch. The British Forces looked pretty different from the other forces and the individual strength of the squads felt like they could take on Axis squads mano-a-mano. Still, I’d have to admit that I’m pretty new at the whole multiplayer scene for CoH 2 and I have very limited knowledge of other factions beyond my main, the US forces. You can watch the official saved VoD here¬†(the gameplay starts at around 20 minutes).

Additionally, Relic is doing a demo of sorts for the new DLC for 3 days prior to its release. It’s a little bit weird though, as while the demo will contain the full British faction together with a few choice commanders, the game keys for the demo will only be available for 55,000 players. Details about the keys will still be given out, but apparently pre-orders won’t necessarily be given the key. It seems Relic and SEGA are aiming for people who are not necessarily playing the game right now, whether they be old players who stopped playing or new players who are interested in the game.

EDIT: I’ve read some posts on Reddit that mentioned pre-orders receiving the free trial on their Steam accounts so Relic may have rescinded on this decision.

Blizzard is also releasing the patch for the LotV beta this week as well. The patch includes major overhauls to the Protoss’s Warp mechanic. Warp-ins now take 16 seconds when using a forward pylon that is not connected to a Nexus or a Warpgate. When it is connected to a Nexus or a Warpgate OR warped in using a warp prism, the warp time is reduced to 2 seconds. This is done so Protoss doesn’t negate defender’s advantage when attacking since they’re able to reinforce directly on the front lines. The reduced warp-ins for Pylons connected to Nexii and Warpgates¬†also gives Protoss a stronger defenders advantage of their own. The patch also includes a redesigned Disruptors, changes to the Cyclone and buffs to Zealots.

Perhaps the biggest change that they did was the removal of macro-mechanics. You can read more on what I think about it here. So far, I don’t like that it nerfed my favorite style, mass upgraded Zerglings but I’m still reserving judgement and playing it out to see if it’s actually better than what we have before.

And oh, Automated Tournaments! I got to the semis before losing to a cannon rush. So far, it seems like the tournaments themselves are part of ladder as you still gain and lose points depending on whether you win or lose. So if you’re tired of laddering, you can hop in a tourney and it still counts towards your promotion!

Screenshot2015-08-21 13_39_43


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