Tactics and Strategies Battle Report: Eindhoven Country

Eindhoven is a town located in southern Netherlands which played a vital role in the Operation Market Garden. The Allies tried to capture several bridges in and around the Netherlands in order to force a way across the river Rhine and march into Germany. The operation ended in failure as a couple of factors did not go as planned: the supply lines of the Allies became overstretched, the arrival of supporting ground forces behind the parachute assault was delayed to to heavy German resistance, and the troops’ failure to capture key roads and bridges.

The following is a 1v1 match played on the computer game Company of Heroes 2. 

Eindhoven Country

0.00-6.00 minutesrelic00000

At 0800 the offensive began. I sent a rear echelon squad out on patrol in order to locate enemy movement as well as to secure objective C if possible. I sent 2 rifle infantry squads forward to objective B to establish a perimeter. Once a veteran rifle squad has been assembled, I sent them to relieve a squad from objective B. I sent the relieved squad to secure objective A.


USF infantry flank a German patrol

First contact with the enemy occurred at a field north of objective B. Enemy patrols were spotted securing the field. I sent both infantry squads at objective B to flank the enemy right, taking cover behind haystacks. The squads secured the field, taking 2 casualties and forcing the German patrol to retreat.


Rear echelon squads scout a German Battlegroup HQ

During the firefight to secure the fields, the rear echelon troops encountered the enemy CP set up behind a house with a garrisoned Raketenwerfer located north of objective C. I sent the rear echelon squad back from the frontlines to secure objective A. I sent another veteran squad from CP and the rifle squad patrolling objective A to reinforce the fields near objective B while telling the men to dig in and prepare for a counter-attack.


Smoke grenades allowed infantry to push up, a flanking rifle squad managed to wipe the gun crew.

The German counter-attack to retake the field consisted of two squads of infantry under cover of an MG34. While the men are under adequate cover, the suppression of the MG34 proved detrimental until the arrival of the reinforcing rifle squads. A squad flanked right behind a house and threw smoke to obscure the MG fire. With the MG temporarily out of action, the men pushed forward in order to engage while another rifle squad flanked left to silence the MG34 with a grenade. The men retook the field albeit temporarily as fire from another MG34 as well as more reinforcing German squads forced a retreat.

6.00-10.30 minutes


By the 6-minute mark, the US Expeditionary Forces have control of most of the map. While we initially held the fields north of objective B, mounting casualty numbers and reinforcing German MG squads forced a retreat from most of our forces in order to regroup, ceding control of the fields.

The fields were important due to its proximity to objective B. Once under German control, the fields can be used as a staging area for a spearhead to assault the objectives. As most of our men retreated, a veteran squad remained as outpost together with a green Lieutenant squad.

With light resistance from our defending outpost, German patrols were spotted trying to capture locations around both objectives B and C. After a brief firefight, the outpost defending the fields near objective B was ordered to retreat as well.


Retaking the fuel cache. MG fire from afar suppressed flanking infantry until they managed to throw smoke grenades to obscure line of sight…


… allowing the infantry squads to push up.

As expected, the Germans dug in on the fields and slowly pushed forward the three objectives, beginning with a fuel cache on the western flanks. I sent most of my forces to intercept. I sent a rear echelon squad together with a standard rifle infantry squad to establish a base of fire while I sent two rifle infantry squads to flank and cover the path of retreat. However, hidden MG fire from behind a hedgerow caught the flanking squads out on the open, suppressing them momentarily until they managed to obscure the MG vision with smoke. Due to sheer numbers, we managed to hold the fuel cache and dislodged the covering MG squad. With the MG out of action, I’ve decided to push up towards the field again, this time from the western flanks. However the German position was too dug in as additional MG fire once again forced a retreat.

10.30-15.00 minutes


At the 10-minute mark, the USF still holds the majority of the map with the German forces noticeably gaining headway. Expecting them to take objective B soon, I sent my men to construct fighting positions in order to defend better.

Instead of heading for objective B like I initially thought, the Germans pushed towards objective C which was more lightly defended. Underestimating the amount of forces the German command sent to retake C, I sent a single rifle squad to engage them. Unfortunately, the opposing troops were again under cover of an MG squad pinning the men down. Luckily, armored reinforcements just arrived and attached themselves to my company. I immediately sent a Sherman tank to support the pinned squad. With tank support, the men once again secured objective C. During this engagement, the Germans took control of the western fuel cache with a few pokes into objective B as well.


Sherman pushing in deep to see just how entrenched the German forces are.

At this point, the US forces have control of 2 objectives while control of objective B can go either way due to both forces being too dug in, reminiscent of World War I trench battles. To break the stalemate, I sent the Sherman in deep to engage the entrenched Germans to no avail.

15.00-20.00 minutes


At 15 minutes, the US forces still have control of both objectives A and C while losing control of the fuel cache and objective B. Attempts to retake the fuel cache has been met by MG fire defending it. Having been preoccupied with retaking the fuel cache and objective B allowed the German forces to push objective C and take it. I sent a veteran rifleman infantry to investigate the capturing party’s strength. Realizing that the German position is less fortified near objective C, I grabbed all available units and armor and decided to retake C and push to the previously spotted Battlegroup HQ. As expected, the objective was defended with an MG squad however tank support provided invaluable in pushing through.

While the troops are recapturing objective C, I sent the tank in forward to recon the fields east of the German HQ. The tank scouted a Raketenwerfer garrisoned inside a building as well as a few infantry resupplying. Grabbing all available infantry units including a rifle squad equipped with a flame thrower, I pushed the HQ.


USF forcing into the Battlegroup HQ. Flamethrower squad manages to clear the Raketenwerfer garrisoned in the building.

The plan was to have the Sherman draw the infantry out in the open and over extend, allowing my infantry to engage far from the Raketenwerfer. The plan worked flawlessly, as the infantry managed to clear the way towards the German HQ.

While we made progress into enemy territory, enemy reinforcements as well as an enemy Puma spelled trouble for us. Deciding to risk it and try and destroy the German HQ allowed the German forces to deal enough damage to the tank. When we lost the Sherman, I ordered all men to retreat.


The two Easy-8’s line up.

Not everything is bad however, as we’ve managed to regroup and rearm, and together with 2 Sherman Easy-8’s, started making headway again, beginning with objective A and the fuel cache. The Easy-8’s dislodged the defending MG fire allowing the troops to retake the sites. From there, the tanks pushed towards objective B and the infantry pushed towards objective C. With the German numbers severely dwindling, German command ordered a complete withdrawal of all forces. The USF held the three objectives near Eindhoven country with flying colors.


*      *      *

Next up, we analyze the multiple tactical decisions I made throughout the preceding match. Stay tuned!


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